Hisega Reclaimed Floor Project

This was a fun project. Our library had been just plain plywood since at least the 1960s or earlier! I didn’t like how walking out of the library required a step down… so we decided to fix it and in the process redo the floor.

When we ripped up the plywood, we found a hidden stairway and a hidden room!!!

Here are some photos of the project and the steps we took to get there.

  • We re-leveled the floor and put plywood back down for a subfloor
  • We reclaimed the old floor joists and cut them into 3/8″ thick tiles
  • I chose a herringbone pattern and used “fast grab” construction adhesive to glue down the tiles in the pattern. This took approximately 20 tiles per square foot… which means 130 square foot and about 2,600 tiles that took FOREVER to slice up. Don’t ask.
  • Next, I made my own “grout” out of spent coffee grounds, sawdust and sealer.
  • Finally, 2 coats of polyurethane (I added special walnut color stain into the poly).