Hisega Paper Bag Floor

This room is huge! It originally had old gym-floor type tile and I hated it!
I have something in mind for the future, but it’s going to take me some time to gather the materials so I searched out something that I could do that was economical and easy to cover later on. I love the paper bag floors but I had a pattern in my mind that I wanted to try to replicate, and it worked perfectly although painstaking!

Here are the steps we took to get this job done…

  • Prepping the floor by taking up most of the old tile, and leveling out a little of the room that wasn’t part of this “addition”.
  • We had to buy bulk rolls of brown paper because we were working with over 1,000 sq ft. I found them online and at the hardware store.
  • I also bought a few gallons of white elmers glue to use as the paste base.
  • We ripped up the paper and then crinkled it. Wear gloves, this hurts eventually if you get thick paper, which, we did.
  • Dip the balls of paper into glue, get them wet and smooth them out, overlapping.
  • We covered the entire surface two times, I think once would work but we have really high traffic so we were being careful.
  • Then, we used “marshmellow” colored wood stain, diluted, to stencil the pattern on… a few hundred times. We used sponge brush and varied the thickness of the stain to give it a distressed look.
  • This is the expensive part…. 10 coats of oil based poly. Yes, 10.